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About Us

We are The Three Radicals. We play psychedelic rock hip-hop tunes. White MOBO. Some of you may have heard "Pleased to meet ya, Mr President" or "Who owns Britain?". We live in Devon and come from London, Essex, Devon, India, Ireland, Africa and Mars

The Three Radicals are a songwriting co-operative. Punk-folk, trad- dance and some mighty fine solo perfermonces are all dedicated to getting it right. Mostly this is about getting the right people and letting them do their stuff. Other times we have to put a gunmike to their heads and say: "Do it our way muthurfucka!" And we don't wanna sound sanctimonious but this is where you get off or stay with us, because to Clinton it: "It's all about the music, stoopid!" Wisdom and circumstance have left us with music, only music. Now everybody has Abbey Road in the spare room (and I don't mean the LP) and what took years of experience is learned in two weeks on YouTube. But what makes the soft machine so special is the unique nature of each individual. What are the chances of ten or twenty highly talented, politically sound, happy and generous musicians who also happen to be great people ever getting together. Well it has happened and this is it......

Everytime we got involved with Babylon it bit us on the ass. We've done this on the dole, on the sick even during gainful, we have, through fit and thin, persevered to bring our songs to ya'll. And yes some of of the money we put in is our own. I write in late Winter 2010. if you're reading this in 2011 it's all been worth it.

Our aim is to make you feel good when you hear us. Smiling and even laughing out loud are also perfectly acceptable responses. Like when Cliff's bus turned red in the rain or The Beatles playing on the train or the time The Alabama 3 played Moa Tse Tung at Beautiful Daze in the rain _ ooops we might given something away then - you gotta enjoy.

And we promise to keep prices as low as possible. "If we can't be free," as the great economist Frank Zappa said: "At least we can be cheap."

Drums Luke Chadwick | Bass DJ Murphy & Nick Marshall | Fender Stratocaster & slide guitar: Conrad Singh | DADGAD Guitar Kris Howe | Keyboards Jim Peters | Lead guitar Jamie Grasshopper | Mandolin & viola D W Atkins | Vocals and no guitar Shane Roe | Vocals Tarma Lynn | Vocals Marisa Latimer | Backing vocals The Cott Massive | Saxophone: Faith Rhodes